Why is gold used instead of silver?

Gold has played an important role in the electronics industry for decades. It doesn't corrode or tarnish, unlike other highly conductive metals, such as copper and silver. And it's a soft and flexible material, which can easily stretch into narrow wires or be coated in thin layers. Basically to block most of the infrared and because it doesn't tarnish like silver would, and yet it transmits about 60% of visible light.

This makes gold an attractive option for investors looking for a safe and reliable investment option, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of Gold IRA investment reviews. Although silver can be polished and textured in multiple ways to capture light and attention, there is no metal left like gold. Unlike other elements, gold naturally has a subtle range of unique and beautiful colors. The atoms in gold are actually heavier than in silver and other metals. This attribute causes electrons to move faster, which in turn allows some of the light to be absorbed by gold, a process that Einstein's theory of relativity helped to discern.

It is significant that a second commodity survives and coexists with gold to this day. No one wants to use the second best money and lose more than the minimum. One explanation is that smaller denominations are possible with silver coins than with gold coins. It's important to have coins to buy food, but there's a more important economic principle than simply making small changes.

Silver is the most marketable commodity in one important case. Gold doesn't corrode, providing a sustainable store of value, and humans are physically and emotionally attracted to it. Since “gold” can create a good alloy with aluminum, it must have the thickness of this layer of pure gold for the COB to hit the aluminum wire. Gold-plated edge connectors provide a uniform surface finish for applications that can suffer heavy wear, for example, at plate insertion edge points.

They believe that investors have as many reasons to invest in gold as there are vehicles to make those investments. Nowadays, the use of gold in the manufacture of electronic devices has far exceeded the consumption of the precious metal in the manufacture of jewelry. There will be a physical reaction in which electrons migrate and diffuse if gold comes into direct contact with copper. Computers are natural applications for plates, including gold and other gold elements, due to the need for a reliable and high-speed transfer of digital signals, more compatible with gold than any other metal.

From an elementary perspective, gold is the most logical option as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Gold is used as a coating material instead of the much cheaper copper in circuit boards because it is extremely inert under normal conditions and, at the same time, maintains high conductivity. It could be said that gold is one of the only substances in the world with all the qualities for this work, including sustainability. The exquisitely designed yellow, pink and white gold shapes look out over an exotic display of corals and underwater fauna.

Therefore, for a given contact force, the quality of the electrical connection will be better for gold than for silver. Gold is real gold, even if it covers a fairly thin layer, accounting for almost 10% of the cost of the PCB.